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Minou Rysiew

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Minou has a masters in social work and has been a licensed clinical social worker (No. CSW003390) since 2004. She has over nineteen years of clinical experience. Minou is an experienced couples therapist providing therapy on building intimacy, communication problems, substance abuse recovery, and sexual concerns. In addition, she is an experienced family therapist who has worked with children, adolescents, and their families in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Minou has conducted individual and group psychotherapy with clients who have been diagnosed with an eating disorder or have problems with eating and/or weight. She spent 2 supervised years at the Eating Disorder Recovery Center of Athens.

Minou also specializes in cultural, ethnic and racial diversity. She is a prospective consultant with Visions, Inc.- an organization dedicated to helping create multicultural environments and challenging the "isms" in herself, others, and within organizations. She has been receiving ongoing training since 2005 attending intensive 4 day workshops, cross country peer supervision, and TA training.

Minou is an adjunct professor at The University of Georgia. She instructs Bachelors and Masters level Social Work students, assisting with any challenges they may experience at their internship sites and helping them maximize opportunities for growth.